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Nonprofit Consulting Services

Often, nonprofit entities need consulting services for specific prj0437296ojects.  Whether it’s nonprofit start-up, conference planning, re-tooling of the organizational structure or strategic planning, Riedel Communications delivers exceptional quality and care to nonprofit organizations.

We provide the following services:

Legislative Strategic Planning

Analysis of state and federal legislation affecting the mission of your organization.  Prioritization of your legislative goals.  Organizing “tool kits” for your grassroots efforts.  Legislative strategic planning for your Board of Directors, Staff and Members.

Conference and Event Planning

Site Selection, hotel negotiations, visitor and convention bureau relations. Conference program design, printing and mailing.  Registration, volunteer and speaker coordination.  Trade show management.

Board Development

Strategic organizational planning.  Analysis of Board strengths and opportunities for growth.  Business planning.  Organizational structures and enabling documents.

Nonprofit Start-Up

Nonprofit incorporation.  By-laws.  Mission statements.  Staff development.

Marketing and Public Relations

Press releases.  Media events.  Story Placement.  Branding.  Brochures.  Websites.

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Membership drives.  Membership benefits.  Retention strategies.