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Bunnie Riedel, President

With over twenty-five years experience in telecommunications and nonprofit management, Ms. Riedel has provided strategic advice to regulators at the federal, state and local levels of government and has filed authoritative comments with the Federal Communications Commission.  Additionally, she has assisted nonprofit executives and Boards of Directors in achieving their goals.

An innovative leader and energetic advocate, Ms. Riedel has conducted ordinance and regulatory review, assisted communities in franchise negotiations and PEG startup and delivered hundreds of speeches and workshops on telecommunications across the nation.

Additionally, Ms. Riedel has delivered addresses on best practices in cable telecommunications to The Broadcasting Institute, South Korea; the OurMedia conference in Colombia; and the Next Communications Civilization symposium in Paris.  At the U.S. Department of State’s request she has frequently advised international audiences from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Thailand, Venezuela and Ukraine.

Ms. Riedel has been interviewed on dozens of radio programs and quoted in newspapers from coast to coast.  In addition to articles in three college textbooks her publication credits include:

· Community Media Review (Award Winning Quarterly Journal)

· MulitChannel News

· Campaigns, Candidates, Elections and PEG

· Successfully Negotiating a Franchise Renewal

· Community Media Resource Directory

· Guide to Controversial Programming

· Public Policy Update

· Producer’s Handbook

· “Creating an International and Domestic Communications Policy for the Public Interest,” The Next Communication Civilization, Ed. Haidemenakis, E. S.T.E.P.S. Foundation: 2000.

Her contributions in telecommunications and nonprofit management have brought her local and national recognition. Her awards include:

· Gold Circle Financial Management Award, American Society of Association Executives

· Everett Goldberg Memorial Award, Baltimore Community Access Corporation

· Hammer Award for Re-inventing Government, Vice-President Al Gore

· Associations Advance America Award, American Society of Association Executives

· Leadership Award, California State Senate

Bunnie Riedel holds a Master’s Degree and is a Phi Kappa Phi Scholar


Richard D. Treich, Front Range Consulting, Inc.

Richard D. Treich brings over thirty years experience in utility and cable regulation to the franchise mangement process. Formerly dscn0001_edited-1Senior Vice President, Rate and Regulatory Matters at AT&T Broadband, Mr. Treich serves as FRC’s CEO. The firm is solely dedicated to assisting clients in the governmental telecommunications sector.

FRC believes that its governmental clients are best served by conducting a thorough and cost effective review of the potential issues. FRC is committed to ensuring municipal clients that the consulting activities are performed with the utmost integrity with regards to the recommendations and conclusions. FRC believes its consulting projects will stand the scrutiny by the cable operators, the FCC and/or the judicial system. Mr. Treich prior to joining AT&T had extensive experience in leading a large national consulting practice for an accounting firm and this experience has created a sound foundation for meeting and exceeding his clients expectations on both the resulting recommendations and the cost effectiveness of the engagement.

FRC can assist governmental entities with a variety of professional services in the telecommunications arena including:

· Financial Analyses surrounding Franchise Transfers and Renewals;

· Franchise Fee Reviews and Audits;

· FCC Rate Regulatory Filings (Forms 1205, 1210 and 1240);

· Effective Competition Filings;

· Customer Service Standards and Reviews; and

· Regulatory and Litigation Support.

Legal Counsel

Riedel Communications has worked with Walter & Haverfield, LLP (Cleveland); Moss & Barnett (Minneapolis); and Miller VanEaton (D.C.);  Bradley and Guzzetta (St. Paul) for cable franchise renewal assistance and community needs assessments.